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Tampin clinic gets WHO recognition
By : Heidi Foo

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TAMPIN: The Tampin Health Clinic has been recognised by the World Health Organisation for the management and implementation of its methadone replacement therapy programme.

The local district clinic emerged the top treatment centre for incorrigible drug addicts, beating 50 countries, including the United States, Europe, Africa, Australia and other countries in Asia.

Its Reduced Drug Dependence negotiation specialist, Dr Robert Power, said throughout his 23-year career, he found that the clinic here had the best management in implementing the programme compared with centres in 50 countries.

"The problems faced by clinics around the world are the same. There are no differences. But the Tampin Health Clinic has proved that they are able to overcome the obstacles," he said after attending a briefing.

"The success of this centre should be an example to others and I will recommend centres abroad to visit the Tampin Health Clinic to learn from its experience."

He added that he was very impressed with the teamwork shown by the clinic and its cooperation with various government agencies and non-governmental organisations.

Also present were state Health Department deputy director Dr Omar Mihat and the clinic's family medicine specialist Dr Norsiah Ali, who said the programme was initiated three years ago with 10 former addicts.

She said the figure increased to 121 participants with the cooperation of departments in the state such as the District Office, Agriculture and Fisheries Department, Veterinary Services Department and the district rehabilitation centre.

Dr Norsiah said the pioneer projects like the "Clean Needle Exchange" and "Free Condom Distribution" programme to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS began on July 14.

"To date, we have 29 participants in the programmes, of whom 52 per cent (15 persons) have stopped using needles, and are now under the methadone replacement therapy programme." (NST Online)

We salute you, Tampin, for the WHO recognition and for the job well done. Tampin today is no more a sleepy and stinking town of the yesteryears. Gone were the days when I had to keep my nose closed every time I passed by the terminal bus toilet, rushing to take the last bus home at 6.30 pm. I was a Tunku Besar Secondary Scool student then, walking about three kilometers to the bus terminal in Pulau Sebang after school.

How I miss meet R. Sivarajah,Tai Koo Sian,Chong Hee and Tan Cha Lai. Wonder whera on earth are they now. In 1962, we were in Form Five, preparing for our School Certificate Examination. Not sure whether they are still alive and kicking!

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