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Khairy Jamaluddin, Khir Toyo and Mukhriz Mahathir:The three nominated for the UMNO Youth Chief post

Thursday November 6, 2008
Khairy needs Rembau vote

KHAIRY Jamaluddin is about to cross another big hurdle in his bid for the Umno Youth leadership. He has to, by hook or by crook, secure the nomination from Rembau where he is the Member of Parliament and the Youth head.

It would be a huge blow if his own division gives the nomination to one of his rivals. As such, the Rembau Youth meeting will be the centre of attention this weekend.

His boys are leaving nothing to chance, especially after what happened to Rembau Puteri chief Bibi Sharliza Mohd Khalid at the division’s Puteri meeting a couple of weeks ago.

Bibi, who is going for the national Puteri Umno leadership, was snubbed by her own division which gave the nomination to the Sabah Puteri chief.

Khairy got his first nomination from his home state only last week.

It came from Tampin, thanks largely to Datuk Jamlus Abdul Aziz, the Negri Sembilan Umno Youth chief. Jamlus is not exactly an ally of Khairy but he had made a rather heartfelt appeal on behalf of Khairy and the latter won the nomination unopposed.

“I hope Rembau will not treat Khairy the way they treated Bibi. That was cruel and the whole country is talking about it,” said Jamlus.

Umno members in the state have been talking about there being too many tigers on one hill in Rembau.

The Rembau division chief is Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan while the Youth chief Khairy is aspiring to be the national Umno Youth leader and Puteri chief Bibi is eyeing the national Puteri leadership.

It is a rather crowded hill with one tiger, a tiger cub and a tigress.

There have even been allegations of manipulation from the top and fingers have been pointed at no less than the division chief himself.

But said Mohamad: “There are a few who are against Khairy but he should not have problems getting the nomination this weekend. I know people are saying that I am interfering. That’s not true, I’m very open in my management and I do not sabotage. In fact, I am ready to pack my bags if I’m not needed. I won’t stay a minute longer than necessary.”

The nomination race has been a humbling experience for Khairy. He has gone from golden boy to underdog, trailing behind Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir and Datuk Seri Dr Khir Toyo.

As the incumbent Umno Youth No. 2, he should not be struggling this way.

He has secured more than enough nominations to contest the wing’s top post but he has had a bruising time getting there.

He is probably more stunned than anyone else that it has been so difficult getting support in Negri Sembilan. Of the eight divisions in the state, four nominated Mukhriz, one was for Khir, one for Khairy.

The Rembau and Seremban divisions will meet this weekend. Khairy is likely to get the okay from Rembau but Seremban may be difficult.

Scoring two out of eight in one’s home turf is not good news. Khir manged to get 15 out of 22 divisions in Selangor behind him while Mukhriz won 13 out of 14 in Kedah.

Political manipulation aside, Khairy’s dilemma also reflects a certain disconnect on his part with the ground as well as the warlords who matter in a contest like this.

Khairy had once described his Prime Minister father-in-law as his “protection” and how he wanted to use it to effect change. This relationship also protected him from those who resented his swift ascent. But the leadership transition has changed everything.

What he is going through now is probably a reality check for him.

But now that he has qualified, Khairy should continue the race as all the candidates will have to start from scratch.

As Khir’s right-hand man Faisal Abdullah said: “We start from zero again after the nominations are over. It could be anybody’s game after that.”

Even those in Mukhriz’s team are not gloating over their man’s massive nominations. They are seriously thinking of ways to maintain the momentum.

It is going to a political marathon from now till March and nothing is over yet, not even for the underdog. (The Star Online, 6 Nov. 08)

A good political medicine for Khairy, should he be unsuccessful in his first long short to the top. After all,Khairy is still young. Get the experience and taste the humble beginning should he fail to impress in his first attempt.
Good luck Waris!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008



Tampin clinic gets WHO recognition
By : Heidi Foo

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TAMPIN: The Tampin Health Clinic has been recognised by the World Health Organisation for the management and implementation of its methadone replacement therapy programme.

The local district clinic emerged the top treatment centre for incorrigible drug addicts, beating 50 countries, including the United States, Europe, Africa, Australia and other countries in Asia.

Its Reduced Drug Dependence negotiation specialist, Dr Robert Power, said throughout his 23-year career, he found that the clinic here had the best management in implementing the programme compared with centres in 50 countries.

"The problems faced by clinics around the world are the same. There are no differences. But the Tampin Health Clinic has proved that they are able to overcome the obstacles," he said after attending a briefing.

"The success of this centre should be an example to others and I will recommend centres abroad to visit the Tampin Health Clinic to learn from its experience."

He added that he was very impressed with the teamwork shown by the clinic and its cooperation with various government agencies and non-governmental organisations.

Also present were state Health Department deputy director Dr Omar Mihat and the clinic's family medicine specialist Dr Norsiah Ali, who said the programme was initiated three years ago with 10 former addicts.

She said the figure increased to 121 participants with the cooperation of departments in the state such as the District Office, Agriculture and Fisheries Department, Veterinary Services Department and the district rehabilitation centre.

Dr Norsiah said the pioneer projects like the "Clean Needle Exchange" and "Free Condom Distribution" programme to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS began on July 14.

"To date, we have 29 participants in the programmes, of whom 52 per cent (15 persons) have stopped using needles, and are now under the methadone replacement therapy programme." (NST Online)

We salute you, Tampin, for the WHO recognition and for the job well done. Tampin today is no more a sleepy and stinking town of the yesteryears. Gone were the days when I had to keep my nose closed every time I passed by the terminal bus toilet, rushing to take the last bus home at 6.30 pm. I was a Tunku Besar Secondary Scool student then, walking about three kilometers to the bus terminal in Pulau Sebang after school.

How I miss meet R. Sivarajah,Tai Koo Sian,Chong Hee and Tan Cha Lai. Wonder whera on earth are they now. In 1962, we were in Form Five, preparing for our School Certificate Examination. Not sure whether they are still alive and kicking!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Kembalikan zaman gemilang Lubuk Cina


MELAKA 9 Nov. - Nama Lubuk Cina cukup terkenal di kalangan penduduk tempatan di sini sebagai tempat persinggahan pedagang-pedagang zaman dahulu.

Menurut cerita penduduk tempatan, Lubuk Cina yang dipisahkan antara Negeri Sembilan dengan sebatang sungai dikenali Sungai Rembau menjadi tempat persinggahan dan berkumpul pedagang-pedagang dari serata dunia yang melalui Selat Melaka.

Bagaimanapun dakwa mereka, tempat yang dahulunya sibuk dan sama penting dengan Sungai Melaka itu kini semakin dilupakan, mungkin kerana kedudukannya yang agak jauh untuk menerima tempias pembangunan di pusat bandar raya Melaka yang pesat.

Tinjauan Utusan Malaysia mendapati, nasib pembangunan pekan Lubuk Cina yang menjadi pintu masuk ke Melaka sebagai Bandar Warisan Dunia dari arah Negeri Sembilan, seolah-olah tidak pernah berubah sedangkan penduduknya juga mengidamkan perubahan infrastruktur dan ekonomi yang bertambah baik.

Agak memalukan, apabila kunjungan mereka yang memasuki pekan ini disambut dengan landskap sisa-sisa kayu dan tiang batu deretan kedai lama yang sudah dirobohkan dan tidak dibersihkan.

Lebih menyakitkan mata apabila mata terpandang sebuah kawasan semak yang mempunyai dua blok bangunan iaitu pasar basah dan stesen bas yang terbiar kerana sudah terlalu lama ditinggalkan.

Menurut anak kelahiran Kampung Teluk Berembang di sini, Mohd. Khalid Omar, 55, beliau kesal kerana Lubuk Cina tidak dapat mengulangi kemajuannya ketika zaman kegemilangan suatu ketika dahulu sejajar dengan era pembangunan hari ini.

"Pakcik sedih, sejak pakcik kecil lagi, tidak banyak perubahan pembangunan berlaku di sini. Jalan-jalannya juga sama. Kalau berubah pun, tidak banyak dan pakcik masih ingat bentuknya dari dulu hingga sekarang.

"Sepatutnya, Lubuk Cina serta pekan-pekan kecil lain yang menjadi pintu masuk ke Melaka perlulah dibangunkan sebaiknya kerana ia menjadi penilaian pertama pengunjung sebelum terus memasuki Melaka," katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.

Azman Khamis, 44, berkata, sudah tiba masanya Lubuk Cina menerima pembangunan yang rancak sejajar dengan keperluan penduduk di kawasan itu yang semakin berkembang.

"Melihat kepada pekan usang yang ada, seperti tidak sesuai untuk menampung keperluan dan kehendak penduduk daripada empat buah taman perumahan yang terdapat di sini.

"Saya harap, kerajaan negeri tidak terlepas pandang perkara ini terutamanya bagi mengelak penghijrahan generasi muda ke kawasan bandar bagi mencari peluang pekerjaan yang tidak terdapat di sini," katanya.

Tambahnya, tidak mustahil, jika Pekan Lubuk Cina terus dibiarkan begitu, ia akan semakin dilupakan kerana hanya dihuni golongan tua yang akan meninggal dunia suatu hari nanti dan tiada generasi baru yang akan menyambung kelangsungan penempatan di situ.

Salah seorang penduduk, Norizan Osman, 49, berkata, projek pembangunan teratur yang dirancang di Lubuk Cina kelak juga diharap akan dapat membantu meningkatkan lagi sumber pendapatan penduduk setempat.

"Kerajaan negeri perlu mencari satu produk luar bandar yang boleh menjadi kekuatan dan tarikan pelancong ke sini selain tertumpu di pusat bandar sahaja.

"Janganlah pula nanti sampai pelancong luar cuma kenal Melaka pada bandarnya sahaja tetapi daerahnya yang lain dibiarkan sepi dan tidak dikenali," katanya.

Seorang lagi penduduk, Zaleha Mohidin, 43, berkata, kerajaan negeri perlu merangka satu pelan mengatasi banjir sebelum sebarang pembangunan dilaksanakan di Pekan Lubuk Cina supaya pelaburan yang dilakukan tidak merugikan semua pihak.

"Sejak 20 tahun lalu, apabila hujan di Negeri Sembilan, air dari Sungai Rembau akan terus melimpah ke pekan ini sehingga ke paras dada menyebabkan kami terputus hubungan dengan dunia luar.

"Justeru saya amat berharap, selesaikan dahulu masalah banjir di kawasan ini kerana tiada guna juga mempunyai bangunan cantik tetapi ditenggelami banjir," katanya. (Utusab Malaysia online, 11 nov.08)

Jika ke Lubok China tidak lupa akan kisah masa lalu yang menarik tentang pekan kecil ini. Satu ketika, ia laluan orang Minangkabau mudik ke hulu melalui Sungai Penajih/Rembau - ke kanan mereka ke hulu ke Kota dan ke utara mereka menuju Sungai Hujung.

Lebih daripada itu, masih teringat pula dua orang penyelidik gigih tentang adat Negeri Sembilan. Seorang daripadanya ialah Allahyarham Norhalim Ibrahim dan Allahyarham Yaakob Idrus. Allahyarham Norhalim antara lain menghasilkan buku Negeri Yang Sembilan dan Sejarah Linggi. Kedua-duanya diterbitkan Penerbit Fajar Bakti dengan tajaan Kerajaan Negeri Sembilan, ketika negeri beradat itu dipimpin Menteri Besarnya, Tan Sri Mohd. Isa Dato' Abdul Samad.

Di pekan Lubok China, air Sg. Rembaunya tetap keruh tapi tenang walaupun pada musim kemarau.Jalur Sg. Linggi/Sg. Rembau/Sg. Penajih adalah laluan utama orang Minang menyebarkan adat perpatihnya ke seluruh Negeri Sembilan dan Naning.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


YB Khairy Jamaluddin dicalonkan Ketua Pemuda UMNO Bahagian Rembau.

Rembau Calonkan Khairy
Oleh Hussain Said
REMBAU: Naib Ketua Pemuda Umno, Khairy Jamaluddin menyifatkan pencalonan yang diterimanya daripada Pemuda Rembau pada mesyuarat pergerakan bahagian itu, semalam sebagai pelengkap kempennya untuk bertanding merebut jawatan tertinggi pergerakan berkenaan.

"Pencalonan saya untuk bertanding Ketua Pemuda tidak akan sempurna dan lengkap jika tidak dapat sokongan Rembau. Ini (mendapat pencalonan) adalah maruah saya," kata Ketua Pemuda bahagian itu sambil berterima kasih kepada perwakilan yang sebulat suara menyokong pencalonan berkenaan.

Bercakap selepas majlis perasmian mesyuarat berkenaan oleh Ketua Umno bahagian, Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan, di Dewan Merdeka, di sini, beliau berharap mendapat sokongan pada pemilihan parti, Mac depan dan menyifatkan kemenangan jika dicapai, bukan milik peribadi sebaliknya kemenangan kepada Pemuda bahagian terbabit. (Berita Minggu, 9 November 2008)

Lumrahlah, di Bahagian sendiri tentulah Khairy dicalonkan untuk jawatan Ketua Pemuda UMNO. Khairy adalah Yang berhormat mewakili Bahagian Rembau. Harap apa yang dikatakan Khairy bahawa "jika menang nanti ia bukan milik peribadi tetapi Bahagian" betul-betul datangnya daripada hati yang ikhlas dan jujur.Bagi sesetangah orang, harapan seperti ini telah menjadi satu cliche' lapuk parti politik, terutama menjelang pemilihan.


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